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Fit for Purpose

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs understand that not all problems can be solved with A hammer.

Then why apply the same legal strategy to all businesses? 

LINDSEYfirm provides legal services that are fit for purpose and priced accordingly.

Tailored solutions require an attorney who is perceptive, attentive and who understands the client's business operation before identifying issues and developing strategies to achieve the client's objectives. This measured approach invites mutual investment in the attorney-client relationship.

The goal is to work toward solutions that make good business sense - not resigning to necessary evils. Otherwise, what value does a law firm provide? 




The proper business structure provides liability protection for its founders without constraining growth. Careful planning when choosing what type and where to register the legal entity eases transitions as the company expands.

Ventures & Startups

Term sheets, vesting schedules and cap tables, just to name a few. Sometimes startups just need sound advice, not another pitch.


outsourced in-house Counsel

For most small businesses, adding an attorney to the payroll doesn't make sense; neither does paying exorbitant hourly fees for quick questions.



Not all disputes will end in trial, but there are times when litigation is necessary. Having trusted and experienced trial counsel allows the client to focus on making decisions that are best for their company beyond the verdict. 



Don't see the service you need? Please contact us to find out if we can Serve you or help you find another lawyer who can.




At LINDSEYfirm, the word "value" doesn't mean cheap. It means that the client receives services that match or exceed the invoice amount. And the Firm receives compensation that matches the service provided. 

LINDSEYfirm minimizes uncertainty through patient and detailed initial consultations, questionnaires about the client's business, and when appropriate, site visits in order to better understand the issues.

Taking the time to understand client needs results in more effective and efficient representation as well as predictable fees that can be built into the client's legal budget.

LINDSEYfirm's services are not priced to capture a particular market segment. Instead, the work is priced to fit the purpose of engagement.

Like all relationships, the attorney-client relationship depends on trust. The client must trust that they have chosen wisely and that their best interest will be represented. The attorney needs to trust that the client will be invested in their own representation and that they will pay for the services provided.

For these reasons, each matter is assessed on its own merits, an estimated fee is presented, and a fee structure that fits the engagement is agreed upon before any work is performed.


Zac Lindsey

You may hire a lawyer because you know their clients, saw an advertisement, or the name of the firm sounds familiar. Ideally, you’ll find a lawyer you actually want to know and trust

Hiring a lawyer needs to make sense for your company. And which lawyer you choose needs to make sense to you.

I'm an entrepreneur and attorney who enjoys helping business owners find their own way and start well so they can make the best decision about when and how to finish. You can find my CV HERE

As companies encounter various challenges, I help to overcome them via positioning, negotiation and litigation. If the issue needs to be tried, we'll be ready to go.

In short, I help people start, grow, protect and sell their businesses.

Whether your company is just finding its legs or facing the challenges of a thriving business, my objectives are to make certain I have a grasp of the issues, work with you to craft a strategic plan, and execute for the benefit of you and your business.

I enjoy helping people achieve goals inspired by their passion and determination. Click below to start the conversation.